Rehab PagePatients Recover Faster, More Easily and More Independently

Patients no longer need constant guidance from their therapists to perform their exercises with proper form. With quick and easy viewable access, patients can now watch videos of their exercises being performed by themselves with the correct form.

Patients rehab the right way, with improved compliance when they are away from the clinic, allowing for an overall shorter recovery time. When patients using VideoHab come in for their next session, instead of having to spend tons of time re-learning their exercises, patients can spend time with their therapist doing more important things.

Record New ResultTherapists Can Track and Communicate with Patients

More and more people who suffer from injuries are finding themselves in need of physical therapy. This makes it is easy for a patient to fall through the cracks. Better and easier communication with a growing caseload is vital to the health of patients and physical therapy businesses.

VideoHab allows physical therapists to quickly and effectively remind patients to perform their exercises with automated friendly emailed reminders, and also allows therapists to track their patients’ progress. Each time a patient completes his or her exercises, he or she fills out a simple form, rating pain, difficulty, and how much his or her condition affects his or her life. The patient and his or her therapist can then see a graph showing the patient’s progress.

Example ChartClinics Make Money

By using VideoHab, physical therapy clinics increase patient satisfaction, therefore increasing the amount of word-of-mouth referrals. By offering patients new and interactive technology with their exercise programs, clinics will rise above the competition.

Besides more word-of-mouth referrals resulting from an increased quality of care, clinics can embrace a new way of increasing revenue by using VideoHab. After insurance stops paying for a patient’s visits, VideoHab creates an opening for additional care for the patient. This opening for additional care is an opening for revenue: clinics can charge patients a fee to use VideoHab.