Golf and Tennis Season Is Here

Here is a refresher on general treatment modalities used for epicondylitis so you are better prepared to answer your avid golfer and tennis patient’s questions.

I am lucky enough to work along side Lenox Hill NISMAT (Nicholas institute of sports medicine) physicians who are esteemed in treating sports related injuries so many times I have the opportunity to discuss patient cases in person which helps pain a better picture of the physicians medical management for epicondylitis.

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Fellow Rehab Experts, let’s stop being technology laggards…

Phone HologramiPhones, Androids, iPads, Chrome Books, tablet this, tablet that, iphone 6, more iPads, a few more Androids, throw in the new Microsoft Surface Tablet, and I bet you can’t count on your fingers how many times a day these products are mentioned.  I also bet you CAN count on your fingers how many times a day we as Rehabilitation Experts actually use these products in our practice. Read More