Sign Up Patients Step 1

After your clinic registers and signs up therapists, it's your turn to sign up patients. We reccomened charging patients to use VideoHab, but this is optional, of course.

Record Videos Step 2

Upload videos of your patients, making sure the exercise is being done properly. You can record videos using any camera, and even your iPad or iPhone!

View Results Step 3

Track patient results using graphs to see improvement over time. Also check to make sure they are not experiencing pain.

Sign Up Step 1

A physical therapist must create an account for you before you can use VideoHab.

Record Videos Step 2

Your therapist will record videos of you performing the exercise properly and upload them to your account. You will be able to view the videos later, when you are completing the exercises at home.

Submit Results Step 3

After you perform your exercises, enter how difficult the exercise was, as well as if pain was experienced. Your results will be graphed so you and your therapist can track improvement. As a bonus you can also track how much your injury interferes with your everyday life.