MedStartr Campaign Launch

Summary: VideoHab is being crowdfunded and needs your help. The funds will pay for:

  • Development for VideoHab version 2.0
  • Marketing efforts
  • Operational expenses

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What is Medstartr?

“MedStartr is a crowdfunding (the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people), platform specifically designed for healthcare and takes into account the patients, doctors, and allied professional’s perspectives and lets them fund the care that they care about. MedStartr enables patients, doctors, institutions, partners, and investors to find and fund the best ideas in healthcare and bring them to life.”

How Will Our Medstartr Campaign Help Videohab?

We hope to increase engagement with VideoHab by a vast community outreach project, which will be centered on Medstartr. There are lots of great like-minded healthcare innovators out there whom we need support from, eh-hem! That means you! wink

The VideoHab Campaign on MedStartr will help to raise funding for additional features and enhancements, as well as increase awareness throughout the world of healthcare amongst: physical therapists, patients, healthcare institutions, hospital networks, physicians and other allied healthcare professionals, research centers, physical therapy tech companies, accountable care organizations, and payers of healthcare, to name a few.

The funding raised through the campaign will help to provide operating expense capital as well as to help fund the development of Version 2.0 with further enhancements and features such as an exercise library and the development of native IOS and Android based applications for VideoHab.

With version 2.0 we hope to further reduce the time it takes to create a video based home exercise program, with our goal to be able to create and deliver a video based program as quickly as possible.


The VideoHab team needs your support.  With your support, in addition to the intrinsic reward of revolutionizing the way Physical Therapists will interact with their Patients, your support will be rewarded based on a tiered system.  Based on the amount of your funding we will reward you with a certain amount of free Therapist and Patient accounts.  Give us enough funding and we will create white label versions of VideoHab, giving you custom branding for VideoHab just for your practices.

Help Fund VideoHab
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