Fellow Rehab Experts, let’s stop being technology laggards…

Phone HologramiPhones, Androids, iPads, Chrome Books, tablet this, tablet that, iphone 6, more iPads, a few more Androids, throw in the new Microsoft Surface Tablet, and I bet you can’t count on your fingers how many times a day these products are mentioned.  I also bet you CAN count on your fingers how many times a day we as Rehabilitation Experts actually use these products in our practice.

Yes, I am sure a few of you like minded younger Physical Therapists out there are using some awesome apps for patient education, and maybe documentation but are we really fully utilizing technology of 2013 in our practice? Correct, we are absolutely not! Now the question becomes why?  Unfortunately technology based applications and devices are not specifically catered to the booming field of Physical Therapy.

Electronic Health Records is a perfect example of this.  Tons of software out there is great for the Medical Doctor (Physician), and so little is out there SPECIFICALLY meant for the Physical Therapist.  WebPT has done a great job giving us our own EHR web based application but this is only the beginning.  WebPT is the best web based documentation software I have used but what about Home Exercise Program software?

It is time that we deliver a product For us and By Us (Props to FUBU) that will empower us with the ability to provide our patients with custom home exercise videos instead of the generic figures, pictures, and models out there.  Obviously I have the answer with VideoHab wink

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